Nick Klockenga

About is written by me, Nick Klockenga. I'm a software developer by trade, but have many other passions and hobbies outside of my day job.

Nick Klockenga

This site a scratch pad of sorts for ideas and thoughts I wish to share to the Internet. I like to control and own the stuff I put on the Internet. Why should I freely contribute my words or time to a social network for their gain. So this site is really just an excuse to have a tiny slice of the Internet owned and controlled by me.

I've been paying my bills (and now my families) for most my life via software development jobs. An early passion for computers and software in life became a means for income later. It's never been very lucrative, but sufficient. Today I live in Western North Carolina and work remotely for a large global IT corporation.

You can contact me via Email or see my work history via LinkedIn.

I occasionally make open source contributions.

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