Nick Klockenga


I like Bitcoin. I’ve fallen for its value proposition of providing a digital peer to peer exchange of monetary value without a trusted third party. I want Bitcoin to become a mainstream global reserve currency.

Bitcoin isn’t perfect. My hope for a better future does not rest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is only a tool. It’s like the internet, but for money.

Bitcoin has advantages over the current fiat system. Bitcoin could provide the entire world access to purchase goods and services over the internet without requiring a credit card. Bitcoin allows people in any place to opt out of storing wealth in systems designed to lose value overtime and incentivize debt.

Most people I encounter do not interact with Bitcoin because they do not understand it. Most people I discuss Bitcoin with think of it as a risky investment or something criminals use. Like many things in life, these topics are way more nuanced than mainstream headlines would lead you to believe. So many aspects of our fiat system and digital banking experiences have been normalized. We don’t ask the questions we should.

If you have ever wanted to know a little more about Bitcoin, I’d start by reading this strange and a bit goofy post WHY BITCOIN. It’s a good 10 minute read. Then ask me about Bitcoin, because I can talk all day about it.