Nick Klockenga

Leaving Chicago

Today I woke up, packed the few remaining items in my apartment, turned off the lights, and gave the keys to my landlord. Next on the list for today is take me and my one rolling luggage bag on the blue line to O'Hare. From there I will take a flight to San Fransisco where I make a connecting flight towards Indonesia.

I'm excited, anxious, and relieved. It's taken a lot of courage and planning to get to this point. I'm glad it's here. The next few months will be life changing. I've made all this happen so I can take time to evaluate what's important, and prioritize those items in my life.

I'm looking forward to the month of February in Indonesia. I'm tagging along with my great friend Joe. It's been years since Joe has been able to return home to indonesia to see his friends and family. It's going to be great to meet his sibling and see his old stomping grounds. We plan to take time while we are there to enjoy some of the more touristy things along the way but the trip is all about Joe's agenda. Joe is a friend, but he's more like a brother. In fact, I call him brother.

My brother (Joe) did the majority of the planning for our trip. I'm grateful he has done all the hard work of planning ahead of time to allow us to enjoy the time and his family as much as possible. I'm excited about Indonesia. I'm even more excited about hiking the Appalachian Trail.