Nick Klockenga

AT Thru Hike Gear List

In preparation for my thru hike I’ve put together a gear list. When I start it will be cold. So this list is what I plan to start with on day one. I’m sure what I carry will change after a month or so.

This list is a work in progress, I'll do the math and add up all the different totals another day. It's likely a few items will change, be added, or removed.

Big Three: Pack / Shelter / Sleep System
Item NameQuantityWeight
Mariposa Ultralight Backpack1750 grams
White Plastic Trash Compactor Bag167 grams
MLD Doumid including tieouts1545 grams
MLD Doumid Stuff Sack118 grams
MLD Superlight Bivy1189 grams
MLD Superlight Bivy Stuff Sack111 grams
Cuben Fiber Stake Bag (ZPACKS)13 grams
Cuben Fiber Tent Pole Stuff Sack16 grams
Carbon Fiber Tent Pole1140 grams
MSR Ground Hog Stake418 grams
Titanium Painted Hook Stake (ZPACKS)88 grams
Therma Rest Neo Air All Season1490 grams
Western Mountaineering Ultralite Sleeping Bag1810 grams
Western Mountaineering Ultralite Stuff Sack138 grams
Big 3 Total3093 g
6.82 lb
Clothing Packed
Item NameQuantityWeight
Cuben Fiber Small Stuff Sack (ZPACKS)27 grams
Western Mountaineering Down Vest1199 grams
Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Pullover1278 grams
Eddie Bauer Weathers Edge Rain Jacket1280 grams
Dirty Girl Gators (Grey)131 grams
Dri Ducks Rain Pants1103 grams
Exofficio Boxers172 grams
Golite Meriono Wool T-Shirt1168 grams
Wool Socks Generic 3 Season169 grams
Patagonia Long Underwear1138 grams
Running Shorts with Netting 7" Inseam1128 grams
Cuben Fiber Mini Stuff Sack (ZPACKS)24 grams
Pair Possum Down Gloves135 grams
Possum Down Hat161 grams
Packed Clothing Total1573 g
3.47 lb
Clothing Worn
Item NameQuantityWeight
Exofficio Boxers172 grams
Wool Socks Generic 3 Season169 grams
Ibex Hoodie1270 grams
REI Adventure Pants1350 grams
Vasque Velocity 2.0 Hiking Shoes1783 grams
Ball Cap187 grams
Worn Clothing Total1631 g
3.60 lb
Gear for Food / Water
Item NameQuantityWeight
Jetboil sol Titanium1284 grams
Snow Peak Titanium Trek Bowl152 grams
Snow Peak Titanium Spoon115 grams
Aquamira Water Treatment Drops188 grams
Cuben Fiber Bear Bag with Rope and Clip181 grams
Gear for Food / Water Total520 g
1.15 lb
First Aid / Hygiene / Misc
Item NameQuantityWeight
iPhone 5S Space Gray 64GB1112 grams
Morphie iPhone 5S Battery Case Red190 grams
AT Guide Book 20131241 grams
Apple USB iPhone Wall Charger129 grams
Mini USB Cable 4"18 grams
First Aid Kit (mini)185 grams
Nail Clippers (small size)120 grams
AAA Battery Lithum17 grams
Petzl Headlamp148 grams
Silnylon Tent Repair Kit122 grams
Mosquito Head Net112 grams
Mini Bic Lighter112 grams
Loksak 9in x 6in leakproof bag113 grams
Misc Total599 g
1.54 lb

Total Carried: 5785 grams or 12.75 lb
Total Worn: 1631 grams or 3.60 lb